How to Form a Team

The CGSS organizes and sponsors many sporting teams and events. New teams can be formed and financed through the CGSS sports representative. All teams sponsored by the CGSS will be listed on the CGSS website including the name of the team, the sport played and the name of the team captain.

Applications to join an existing team should be sent to the CGSS sports representative who will forward them to the relevant team captain. The team captain is the individual responsible for the organization and administration of an existing team. Any new openings on CGSS-sponsored teams will be announced via the CGSS sports representative at least two weeks before team registration to give new students the chance to express interest.

If the sports representative finds sufficient interest to form a new team, he/she will call a meeting of interested individuals to appoint a captain who will select and register the team members.

CGSS-sponsored teams can be organized in any league (e.g. the GSS Sports Leagues), but must contain at least 80% chemistry graduate students to be sponsored by the CGSS. Approval of the team by the CGSS sports representative is required for financial support.

To form a team:

  1. Check out the UBC Rec intramurals page to see all of the leagues, events and tournaments that are available and when the event will occur.
  2. Get your team together.  Talk to your lab mates and friends or e-mail all the grad students and let them know that you are making a team and are looking for members.  Note: If it’s a solo event, then you can skip this step.
  3. Register your team with UBC Rec.  The deadline for most leagues that run through the semester is a few weeks before the semester starts, so be sure to check the dates online at the intramurals page.
  4. Contact either the CGSS Sports Rep or Treasurer to get reimbursed for your registration fee. (Keep your receipt!!!!)
  5. Play hard and make us proud.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the CGSS Sports Rep.