UBC Medical

General Information

This is a basic outline of the extended health and dental program offered by UBC, and more information can be found at the UBC AMS website, including how to make claims and coverage. All students enrolled at UBC (domestic and international) are required to have both basic and extended health insurance.

Basic health insurance includes MSP or equivalent. For international students, iMED is available during the 3 month waiting period before MSP coverage can begin. The Global Campus Health Plan is available for students ineligible for iMED.

Extended health coverage is provided by the AMS/GSS Extended Health and Dental Plan. If you already have equivalent extended coverage, you may opt out of the AMS plan. An assistance fund is available on a financial needs basis. A separate program, Fair PharmaCare, provides additional coverage for prescription drugs and is also available on a financial needs basis.

Check the pages on the right for more details on particular programs.