CUPE2278 Member Complaints

The CGSS is initiating a program to collect individual complaints that graduate students within the Department of Chemistry may have about their treatment as a teaching assistant.  It is intended to provide an additional connection between the students and the Union (CUPE2278).  We have crafted a complaint form (which can be downloaded below) that can be filled out with as much or as little detail as deemed appropriate by the submitter.

There is no limit on the number of forms each student can send in and there is no restriction on the dates of which the events reported occurred. Specific reference to the collective agreement is encouraged, but also not required. The collective agreement can be found on the CUPE2278 website (  This will be a system that the CGSS will maintain indefinitely, so send in forms any time you feel that your rights as a TA have been violated or any time you feel they are going to be violated. The goal is to provide feedback and documentation as quickly as possible.

Please email completed forms to; they will be passed on to CUPE2278 to help them in their representation of graduate students within our Department.  

Complaint Form