The 4th Annual Chemistry Home Brew-off!

Beer Enthusiasts Rejoice! 

The CGSS Proudly Presents: The 4th Annual Chemistry Home Brew-off! 

This is your chance to show your peers your REAL experimental skills!

Event Info
We are looking to schedule the Brew-Off in early May, so mark your calendars. The exact date will be posted soon.

  •  This event will run essentially as a spring Stressbusters, so there will be lots of food and beer provided. What’s not to love?
  •  No experience required. Although having some historical hops in your back pocket may be an advantage, we encourage everyone to participate! Don’t feel like going in alone? Ask your group if they’d like to make a brew-team! Brewers will be financially compensated for their production costs.
  • We need to know by April 6th whether or not you will be submitting an entry. Minimum submission is 72 ounces, but feel free to submit more. This works out to about 6 bottles.

Update – New Info:

  • Our contestants are in, and the event is planned! We have ales, lagers, ciders, porters and more from our very talented grad students and post-docs. As per usual, there will be lots of food and non-alcoholic beverages available as well. There will be prizes for the best brews.
  • The event will be taking place Friday, May 18th in the Grad Lounge. Doors open at 5:30 pm.